Sunday, February 26, 2012

History about "SIC"

Cairo Indonesian School was founded in 1956 and since then it has occupied four locations. The first location was in Zamalek, in a house rented by the Embassy for a year. Then it moved to Dokki, in two flats, also rented until 1962. After that the Embassy rented a villa of two storeys with an area 511 m2.

In 1983 the Embassy could at last buy the villa and its land, rebuild it and it became the building as it is today, four storeys, belonging to the Republic of Indonesia. During the renovation of the building, the Embassy rented a villa for one year,also in Dokki on January 1st, 1985 the school was ready to be used and, opened by the ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia was Mr. Barkah Tirtadidjaja.

55 years have passed. Since then The Indonesian School in Cairo the oldest one outside the country. It was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia in October 1961 since it uses the formal government curriculum. What is more? The Indonesian School in Cairo is also recognized by the Egyptian government since the graduated students can easily go to the Governmental Universities in Egypt without any test. Former students have also gone onto continue their studies in England.

Most of the students of this school children of the Indonesians in Egypt. There are about 5000 Indonesians here, diplomats, local staff, students at Egyptian universities, especially those who are at Al Azhar, and some businessmen. Sometimes it is attended by Malaysian and Thai students as we are.

The Building of Indonesian School in Cairo "WISMA INDONESIA" is also a cultural center of Indonesia where it gives Indonesian language courses, to Egyptians and foreigners in Cairo.

On the ground floor there is a mosque where the Indonesians gather for Mauled Nabi, Friday prayer, Tarawih etc. The Kindergarten is also on the ground floor. The small and big hall is on the fourth floor where cultural activities are held.

It is hoped that the Indonesian School in Cairo would become more developed day by day, so that it could be the mirror of Indonesia in Egypt and the Middle East

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